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Green Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Machines

We use state of the art, earth friendly dry-cleaning methods to get your items as clean as possible while minimizing damage to the environment.

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Ramona Cleaners uses a safe, biodegradable, odorless hydrocarbon solvent. This is easy on your clothes and a great alternative to the harsher chemicals that dry-cleaners used to use in the past. In fact, the hydrocarbons are so mild that the same sort of hydrocarbons is in waterless hand sanitizer and some cosmetics. We recycle our solvent using an advanced filtration process. Not only is this good for the environment, but it helps keep whites whiter and fresher!

We also use a “closed loop” cleaning system in our facility. This system keeps 100% of all solvents and gases in the machine and OUT of the atmosphere- leaving the air pure and free of chemicals. We even participate in recycling our hangers and plastic to reduce waste and reuse materials.